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  • 15 Oct 2019
    Reasons Why You Might Need A Thermal Camera

    Thermal imaging cameras are used for a lot of purposes. You can use this camera to find invisible problems in many devices. With the help of thermal image processing, you can very easily find more details. With this device it is very easy to inspect HVAC problems and electrical panels. If you are a construction professional, you can impress your customers by finding problems quickly. Read on to learn about some important uses of modern thermal imaging cameras and attachments.

    HVAC & Plumbing

    When you are working on a plumbing system, a thermal imaging camera can make your life a lot easier. It helps you not only find problems quickly but also show your customers easy-to-understand pictures of the damages.

    When you have already fixed an issue, a thermal image can be a proof of your performance. Whether you are working on a water leak or air leak, being able to view thermal images or having access to a thermal camera will make you a lot more efficient.

    Home & building inspection

    With a thermal camera you can make important decisions when working as a building contractor. This camera will help you get the information you need to get things done. If there is inadequate insulation or simply the insulation is missing or damaged, there will be heat differences.

    And you can detect the differences with this thermal imaging system. Within minutes you can find the sources of structural issues, water damage, and energy loss. And as a result you can work more efficiently.

    Resolving electrical issues

    Excessive heat can result from some electrical problems. With thermal imaging, you can quickly find some an issue. This technology allows you to get accurate temperature measurement. At the same time you can stay safe. Thermal imaging is a standard diagnostic process.

    Search for your furry friend

    If you live in a rural area, you are familiar with this problem. Family cats and dogs feel tempted to explore the surroundings, and sometimes they end up getting into trouble. It can be a hard problem if you live in wooded areas.

    You can use a thermal camera to search for your lost pet, because this camera lets you see things in the dark. When the sun goes down and your pet gets lost, a thermal camera can immensely help you find your pet.

    Checking your electronic gadgets

    With the advancement of electronic gadgets, we are facing a new problem. Now we are living in a disposable culture where the standards of gadgets are dropping simply because companies encourage you to dispose of old gadgets and buy new ones.

    In such a case, a thermal camera can be very helpful. It allows you to look inside the gadgets and take care of the overheating components. You can do something before your gadget becomes obsolete.

    Speaking of electronic gadgets, the "FLIR One Pro" is an attachment which you can add to your iPhone or Android mobile device which allows you to capture thermal images, click here for more information about the FLIR One Pro. This attachment makes capturing thermal imagery more accessible than it previously was.

    In the gym

    Believe it or not, you can use a thermal imaging camera in the gym to know who is really working hard and who is there just for exhibition. You can use this camera to separate the real go-getters from the tourists. Although not many people know about this use, this is an amazing use of the technology.

    House hunting

    You can use a thermal camera to detect seemingly undetectable problems in your house. A handheld thermal camera can be used to detect overheating wiring and poor insulation. Before you rent or purchase a house, you can use this technology to know whether you are going to make a good decision.

    Finding birds at a nature reserve

    If you are a nature lover and you regularly spend time watching birds, thermal cameras can do something for you. It can help you reveal the places where they are, even at night.

    It will enrich your experience of watching birds. To watch them, you do not need to get close to them. With the help of this camera, you can watch birds and other animals without disturbing or frightening them.

    These are some of the possible uses of thermal cameras. Once you start using this amazing device, you can get creative and find out what else you can do with it.

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  • 28 Jul 2018
    Top Tips on How to Make Event Planning Less Stressful

    Being an event planner can be highly rewarding and exciting. You get to help people by taking on all the hectic work that goes into pulling off a successful event. To succeed in this line of work, you have to be able to make decisions on the go, multitask, stay organised, and negotiate your way into better deals for you and your clients. It can also be quite stressful when things don’t fall into place as quickly as you would have hoped. The aim of this article is to give you a handful of useful tips to help make event planning less stressful. If you can manage your time, resources, and energy better, both you and your clients will be happy with the results, and you will be less likely to experience burn out.

    5 Key Areas to Work On

    Here are five good areas you can improve the process of planning your next event:

    • Event selection- Carefully assess every potential gig before taking it on. Make sure you have the time and needed skills to pull it off. Getting clarity about all the details in the beginning can prevent you from overbooking yourself and disappointing clients.
    • Delegation- If you work with a team, make sure you understand the strengths of each team member so that you can assign work accordingly. Be willing to train others in your core areas. Learning to delegate effectively can help maximize your team’s potential.
    • Prioritization- When planning an event, be it a wedding or a graduation party, your to-do lists will likely be very long. Learning to prioritize this list can help you tackle the most crucial aspects first and get them out of the way. One of these is hiring the venue, and once that is settled, many needs start to fall in place.
    • Communication- Having clear lines of communication is vital throughout the planning process. This includes talking to your client often.
    • Planning software- Using different tools for planning and event management can help you stay organized. This will be covered in more depth below.

    Venue Hire Considerations

    When it comes to venue hire, event planners can also do a few things to make the process smoother:

    • Get to know the management at different function venues that you work with often, if you are from Brisbane then you can always find info about local popular places functions are usually held which might meat your requirements.
    • Prepare a good portfolio of your work. If you specialize in weddings, for example, having a good selection of venue ideas can help your clients select easier.
    • Get acquainted with the booking process. Experience is the best teacher, but it helps to be clear about event booking procedures and timelines.

    Use Venue Booking Software to Organize and Optimize

    If you work for a particular venue, such as a hotel, sports club or host a function room in Brisbane, you need to find a seamless way to make sure you get maximum usage and profit from every function you host. Venue booking software can help you keep track of your bookings and clients. There are different options on the market that you can use to optimise your venue bookings.

    Consider an Entire Suite of Events Software

    In addition to venue booking software, consider getting an entire suite of event management software. You can tailor this to your needs. It can help you stay organised, collaborate better, manage your calendar, and help with the billing process.

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  • 28 May 2018
    What to Consider Before Customising Your Workplace

    With any space, commercial or residential, customisation is important because it gives identity and character to an otherwise dull space. The way you design and decorate a certain space shows what you, as a business, are all about, what your brand is and what it represents. Here, we are going to look at how you can use office partitions to customise your workplace for optimum performance.

    Studies have shown that office design and layout can have a great impact on staff morale and productivity. The same study proved that people work harder, longer and more efficiently in less conventional offices such as the ones made from movable office partitions than the more traditional cubicles. There are however, several factors you should consider while customising your space to maximise staff performance. These factors include:

    Company image: 

    When considering office design or refurbishment, it is important to have your business image in mind. If you are running a tech company, you would not want a potential client walking in and getting a legal vibe. Would you? This is where an office designer such as Buzz Fitouts can help you design the right look for your office while ensuring necessary functionality and requirements are maintained.

    Noise levels: 

    One of the biggest distractions in the workplace is noise and it affects people in open plan offices and cubicles as well. The best thing about office partitioning is that it gives you the flexibility that allows you to neutralise the office space directing the noisy ‘situations’ to one side while keeping the quiet spaces ideal for the work.

    Distraction free zones:

    Apart from managing noise in the office, you also need to get some private space within the company where people can go and talk things out if the need arises. One of the reasons open plan offices are so unpopular is that there is no escape, If and when office politics arise in such a place, then all employees become party to it. Having a small board room-like space away from the rest of the office gives your employees a space to talk things out without necessarily disrupting the rest of the workplace, if you are considering office partitions or complete refurbishment then I recommend you visit this site.

    Break areas:

    Apart from figuring out how you are going to position your office partitions and fit outs to give you a private space, it is also important to have a designated break area. A full time masseuse and spa would be great, but let’s face it, we don’t all work for Bobby Axelrod from the TV show Billions. However, this does not mean that you give up on getting some space for your employees to relax in. While doing your refurbishment or designing your office, work around your budget to have a small space that is also big enough for the staff to mingle when they are not at their workstations. Break rooms are a good example of such a place. They are not really dining rooms or board rooms. They are somewhere in between. A grey area if you fancy the term and they seem to work just fine.

    This is probably one of those things that most people overlook but remain to be one of the most important factors in a commercial office, the colour you choose for your walls and furniture plays a big role in the décor as does the pieces of art you choose, for professional advice on your commercial fit out then you should visit this company who are based in Melbourne.

    In conclusion, budget is a big deal when customising your office but when you make the right choices and shop smart, a little would go a really long way.

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  • 06 Mar 2018
    Factors to consider when enlisting the services of a loan broker

    Most people choose to think of loans as necessary evils while really in truth they are just necessary. Often times we find ourselves in quagmires when we are in dire need of something but we have no current means of paying for it.

    It may be an emergency expense or it may be something that we have wanted to buy for quite some time. If you think about it, we have the means to pay for it but only if we save for ten, twenty years. That can be quite a long time to wait to live in a comfortable house.

    Loans are however a workaround where you can use the money for what you want now and pay it back later in instalments. In the case of buying property, there are various brokers who will walk you through the motions of getting a loan from financial institutions.

    I will hereby list a few considerations you should have before you decide to get a loan. I will also list factors to consider when enlisting a broker and finally different brokers available.

    Things to consider before getting a loan.

    • The different types of loans available.
    • Loan interest rates.
    • The loan repayment period.
    • The down payment needed.
    • How you plan to pay it off.
    • Various fees associated with the loan.
    • Your current financial situation.

    While there are brokers of many types, we will be focusing on those who specialize in property. Namely houses and commercial properties. So what do you consider when deciding on a broker for you? Here are a few things;

    • The type of property you are interested in.
    • The broker's remuneration; whether from you or from the lender and how much they charge.
    • Recommendations from friends and family members.
    • Reviews from other borrowers on various platforms such as Google plus.

    While you consider the above there are various options available to you. They include:

    Home mortgage broker.

    A home mortgage is one where a lender will pay for purchasing a house. The requirements for this is that the house title will be transferred to the lender. The borrower will have full use of the house but they will only get the title back after paying back the loan.

    A home mortgage broker is an intermediary between the homeowner and the financial institution funding the purchase.

    Home loan broker.

    A home loan is similar to a home mortgage. The borrower will borrow some money to buy a house only in this case he won’t have to give up the title for his new house to get the loan. He will, however, have to place something else as collateral just in case he defaults on repayment.

    A home loan broker will smooth out the interactions between the lender and the borrower making sure the borrower gets the loan and a good rate, be sure to check out these home loan brokers in Melbourne for a competitive rate.

    Investment property mortgage broker.

    An investment property mortgage is similar to a home mortgage in that the property bought will be under the custody of the financial institution until the loan is repaid. Differentially the property, in this case, will be a property which the borrower can use to get income or capital.

    The broker’s job is to help both parties come to a favourable agreement.

    Investment property loan broker.

    Similarly, the borrower will utilise a loan from a financial institution to buy a property for commercial purposes. The financial institution will be presented with something of similar value as collateral by the borrower and the investment property mortgage broker will negotiate terms between the two helping the borrower - to get the best deal with an investment property loan click here.

    Refinance mortgage.

    People who previously haven’t used the services of a broker may find themselves in unfavourable interest terms. The good news is that you can always refinance your mortgage if need be. To be sure that you get the best terms possible make sure you use the best mortgage broker you can find.

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  • 03 Mar 2018
    Questions To Ask When Hiring A Pergola Builder

    So you’ve finally picked the perfect spot for your pergola: not too much shade but not too much sun. You already know what your pergola should look like. Here comes a seemingly tricky part, picking a pergola builder. Don’t worry for we’ve got some guided questions for you to make the right choice.

    But first, let us differentiate the difference between pergola builders and deck builders.

    The answer relies on the outdoor structure and not on the person. Of course, both of them should be registered and licensed.  Pergola builders usually build an open framework gazebo while deck builders are people who have an extensive knowledge of wood, composite wood materials or vinyl because a decking is typically made up of these materials.

    Guide Questions When Hiring a Pergola Builder

    1. Are they experienced? 

    Pergola builders should be experienced. Ask for a list of their recent projects that will testify and prove their expertise. Contact some of their recent customers and clients. Shed light on each of them and carefully choose whether they are the ones what you want.

    2. Are they licensed?

    Your pergola builder may be experienced yet they don’t have a licensed to operate or work. Check this important issue. The law states that all builders, be it deck builders or pergola builders should display their license number on any of the business advertisements. You may check your state government department if they have online tools to check if a license is correct and valid.

    3. Do the pergola builders get your project?

    After briefing your potential pergola builder about your desired structure, ask them to reiterate what you want in a detailed manner. Make sure that they understand well the style and size of your pergola. Also, make sure you are well coordinated with the materials that will be used, if you need a specialised timber pergola builder then you should click here. Additionally, you may also ask them to suggest better alternatives that will only suit your budget and space but will also meet your expectations.

    4. How much and what do they charge?

    Pergola builders often charge depends on many factors just like any other professionals. The place where you live, the type and size of your pergola and the access to your site could all affect your project’s final costs. Make sure you eliminate all the guesswork by briefing your pergola builder and make sure they’ve all noted down all the inclusions as well as the exclusions in the contract, if you are still searching and designing your pergola then you should check out pergola builders Melbourne.

    If however, you decided to build your pergola on your own, here are some of the reminders you need to consider:

    Time- it depends whether you will buy a kit or build your own. A typical pergola can be built in just a few days or less than a week.

    Cost – If you are planning to materials and features of a pergola, a typical kit can cost from $500 to $4,000. If however, you are an experienced DIYer and you want to build your pergola yourself, you can build it starting from scratch for about $300.00

    Once you have all these guide questions, you are now ready to hire your pergola builder and look forward to a stress-free environment in your new pergola area. 

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  • 10 Jan 2018
    How Serviced Apartments and Long Stay Accommodation Changed the Industry

    The travel and leisure industry has reached new heights. After the AIRBNB expansion during the past few years, the accommodation has changed the game rules tremendously. People don’t rent hotel rooms anymore. The mass consumer prefers the power to choose and move freely within the space he has paid for, although the comfort of being serviced 24/7 still stays.

    Serviced Apartments

    Serviced apartments are the closest to staying in a hotel but on a long-term basis. This type of service provides competitive rates, more space and in-room facilities, such as kitchen and relax corner that turn the simple hotel condo into a real home. Serviced apartments do benefit from the convenience of a hotel room while providing the privacy and the comfort of an owned house. That type of rental product is the perfect alternative to a long stay accommodation, an extended vacation or a business trip if your budget allows it.

    Long Stay Apartments

    Long stay accommodation is often sought by the so-called millennial nomads and jet-setters. Although a decent hotel room does provide the comfort of the 24/7 service, including room and laundry service, the modern consumer tends to prefer an alternative that will enable him to turn the space into a home for the period of time he has rented it out. For a fraction of the price of the regular hotel room. Typically, long stay accommodation is considered a long-term housing that can vary between 1 month and 1 year. It can also be referred as an annual rental if it exceeds the 1-year mark.

    Annual Rentals

    Depending on your plans, budget, and needs, another option that serves as a long stay accommodation is the annual rental. If you plan to stay at a place for up to a year or even more, probably the best accommodation solution is to find a space that meets your criteria and sign an annual contract for it. Some economies provide the option of paying month-by-month, while others require you to prepay the property for a couple months in advance.

    The Difference Between Long Stay Apartments, Serviced Apartments & Annual Rentals

    The three types of tenement do seem similar. There are a few differences that diversify accommodation types. While annual rentals allow you to reside within the space such as an owner will, serviced apartments do have some limitations in terms of reconstruction and redesign, inviting guests, hosting social events that might cause inconvenience to other tenants and more.

    Although these same rules are likely to apply for all types of housing, the serviced apartments are treated mostly as hotel apartments, which does reflect on the freedom of movement of the tenants. Serviced apartments are also serviced (suggested by the name) by the hotel brand that operates within the building. Long stay accommodation and annual rentals can benefit from such service, but is considered a separate service and is typically not included in the final rental price.

    The benefits of long-stay apartments over the serviced residences are numerous, while the lack of certain comfort assets, such as laundry service, cleaning service, fitness and wellness and more might be easily compensated through choosing a property that’s near to such types of facilities and does allow external subcontractor for homecare, gardening laundry and food preparation and delivery.

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