The Poultry CRC’s Health and Welfare program aims to provide tools for industry to maintain a sustainable, healthy and welfare conscious supply of poultry products…

Our Nutrition and Environment program provides information and tools for industry in order to increase resource utilisation and reduce environmental impacts…

The Poultry CRC’s Safe and Quality Food Production program is aimed at minimising the risk of food-borne illnesses related to poultry products…

Our Education and Training outputs aims to ensure the ongoing success of Australia’s poultry industry, with access to a skilled and motivated workforce…

Health & Welfare

Maintaining poultry health & enhancing bird welfare.

Nutrition & Environment

Improving resource utilisation & reducing environmental impacts.

Safe & Quality Food Production

Controlling food safety issues & enhancing egg quality for consumers


Higher education,vocational training & resources for schools.

Welcome to the Poultry CRC

Poultry CRC overview on YouTube The Poultry CRC’s major challenge is to help Australia achieve sustainable, ethical poultry production in the face of population growth and climate change. The Poultry... read more >>

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Poultry CRC News Updates

A year of exciting ideas and industry transfer

During the year, Drs Tamsyn Crowley and Anthony Keyburn discovered that microRNA profiles differ from stressed hens compared to non-stressed hens....

Dr Hewson tackling Salmonella in the supply chain

Recently appointed as a Research and Development Project Manager at AECL, Dr Kylie Hewson (a PhD graduate of the previous Australian Poultry CRC) ...

Stars in the making…

Poultry CRC students and staff travelled to Sydney in mid-November to participate in two days of filming for an upcoming series of video clips for...

The importance of managing gut health in poultry

Welcome to another edition of eChook!

In this edition, I would like to talk about “Gut Health” in the way I understand it. These days, ...

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