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Welcome to the Poultry CRC

The Poultry CRC’s major challenge is to help Australia achieve sustainable, ethical poultry production in the face of population growth and climate change. The Poultry CRC conducts research and drives... read more >>

Education & Training

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Australia’s poultry industry employs, directly and indirectly, over two hundred thousand people. Growing demand for poultry products will ensure that demand for highly-trained workers in this industry stays strong.

There are many challenges facing the industry going forward, one of which is to find new and innovative ways to reduce its environmental impact. It has to use water, feed and energy more efficiently, while reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, dust and odour, pathogens and pollutants. The Poultry CRC Education program integrates the latest research findings with education and training programs to up-skill existing and new employees, ensuring the adoption of world best practice environmental standards.

The Poultry CRC’s education and training outputs include:

Resources developed by the CRC are available through our award-winning online education centre, Poultry Hub.

Thirty-five postgraduates are being integrated within the three Programs’ research projects, involving immediate and direct interaction with end-users. Many of these Postgraduates will go on to find direct employment within the industry, some through our internships program.

For more information about the Poultry CRC’s education and training activities, contact the Education Manager, Liz Roan.